Plasma TV Stand Review

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Glass TV stand
A very neutral piece of furniture. Its a very easy stand to assemble and very easy to clean and maintain. It's an attractive model that blends in nicely with most interior surroundings. It offers plenty of storage space and could easily double as a great coffee table if you ever decide to stop watching television. The glass version also comes with cable management display case. The cost will vary between 50 - 100 pounds depending where you shop. Overall great value for money!

My Favorite choice: 100 cm oval glass 32-42" Perfect for a 32" Plasma Television. Best price found 99.00 pounds

The wood stand
The wood stand is definitely in the higher quality range which is reflected in the price. The style and quality you choose will determine how difficult it is to assemble. The higher quality options will be much heaver and probably require two people. The wood TV stand is more at home with the classic style of interior design. If you do have a wooden floor then a mahogany or walnut style TV stand is an absolute must as it really makes the room come alive especially with an all black Plasma/LCD TV.

The cost will vary from 100-250 pounds upwards. This type of plasma TV stand will last forever.

My Favorite choice: 110 cm Zin501870 walnut Cabinet to fit 40"-60"plasma/LCD TV. Best Price found 239 pounds.

Black TV stand
This type appears to be the most fashionable at the moment with it's post modern look. There really isn't many surroundings that a black stand wont blend in with especially if you go for the black glass design with chrome legs. This item really does stand out from the crowd, its a real head turner. When you place a plasma television on this post modern piece of furniture the two items blend so well together they almost become one! Similar to the basic glass stand it offers plenty of storage space and generally comes with a cable management system. The black Television stand is quite simple to assemble.

My Favorite choice: 80cm black glass TV stand for 28"-37" plasma/LCD TV. Best price found 99.99 pounds.

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Overall the best value for money product in my opinion has to be the Black TV stand. Not only is the price very competitive compared to the other two models, it also has a vast choice of style to chose from. All three models can be located at Best Plasma TV Stands. They also offer free delivery on all TV stands throughout the UK.

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Plasma TV Stand Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/31